Life with MD w/ Mandy

Hi. My name is Mandy, and I have MD. If you say MD really quickly, it sounds like Mandy. ūüėČ I also occasionally enjoy McDonald’s fries. I live in a Hutterite Colony, and here’s some insight into my life and brain.

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  • My Journey
    If I¬†had to¬†change anything in my life, I‚Äôd¬†still¬†choose my reality.¬†At first glance,¬†it seems so stupid. Why would¬†I¬†give up¬†the¬†chance to have a seemingly normal life? To not have to count the steps,¬†judge every¬†angle,¬†or calculate the speed¬†at¬†which to go up a step most effortlessly (and still have it take a lot of effort)?¬†The chance to play sportsContinue reading “My Journey”